Woodly for couples


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          ♥ Couples Wooden Watch♥

          Beautiful gift for men & Women, dads & moms, Mother & Father's Day, an Anniversary or a Birthday.
          Simple watch for every day wear.

          This comfortable wooden wristwatch is handcrafted and made of the finest materials.

          Because wood is a natural material, each piece is unique and one of a kind.

          Our watches come in a luxury wooden giftbox.


          It is also possible to personalize your watch, by having a text engraved on the back. Anything is possible, even your own handwriting!

          Perfect gift for that special someone :)

          COLOR OPTIONS ( write a note )

          - Light Wood
          - Dark Wood


          Men's Watch
          Dial Diameter 44mm // 1.7 inch
          Band Width 22 mm // 0.87 inch
          Band Length 22 cm // 8.7 inch

          Women's Watch
          Dial Diameter 38mm // 1.7 inch
          Band Width 18 mm // 0.87 inch
          Band Length 20 cm // 7.9 inch